Best of All Possible Worlds

James DeJoie Quartet - Best of All Possible Worlds

James DeJoie Quartet – Best of All Possible Worlds

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James DeJoie hails from the Northwest and revels in the practice of bringing together diverse musical genres in distinctive combinations. In February of 2001, James brought Walter White, Eric Samse, and Evan Buehler together to play music in his living room and thus was born the James DeJoie quartet.

On their sophomore recording, The James DeJoie Quartet offers an intriguing and fine addition to Seattle’s Jazz legacy. Led by multi-reedsman James DeJoie (who at various times employs a clarinet, bass clarinet, flute, baritone saxophone, and alto saxophone) the group showcases vibraphonist Evan Bueller, electric bassist Walter White and drummer Eric Samse. DeJoie’s performance here is the most focused he’s given on a recording to date. On this new session we find him often multi-tracking consecutive intense solos on multiple instruments all the while leaving the perfect amount of leeway for Evan Bueller’s beautifully obtuse vibraphone performances that hang in the atmosphere of the tunes like audio cloud cover. Buehler’s amazing finesse on the vibraphone offers a gentle miasma of hauntingly creative backdrops. These microcosmic shimmers and luminescent diversions function as observational details, adding layers of empathy to the emotions conjured and trailed by DeJoie’s invogorating solo flights. Collectively, the ensemble displays a decidedly modern approach to original composition within a somewhat traditional Jazz context. Each tune finds new ways to surprise you. “The Best of All Possible Worlds” is at once one of DeJoie’s more accessible and one of his most challenging works to date.