Boogie for Buddha

Wright & Grasso - Boogie for Budhha

Wright & Grasso – Boogie for Budhha

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Tony Grasso and Rik Wright have known each other for several years, each circling around the outskirts of the Seattle modern jazz scene. Eventually, Grasso joined the Rik Wright Quintet in 2005, performing with the group throughout the Pacific Northwest music festival circuit. The two recorded several originals penned by one another the quintet’s 2006 After the Storm release as well as a duet of a well worn standard featuring the distinct voice of Grasso’s trumpet backed purely by Wright’s archtop guitar. The sessions that made up this new recording were sparked by the success of those collaborations as well as an appreciation of the passion behind each other’s compositions ignited by deep listening to the textures of the classic 1975 recording by Dizzy’s Big 4 featuring Dizzy Gillespie and Joe Pass. After recruiting venerable Seattle double bassist Ev Stern and upstart drummer Jeremy Jones to back them, the two embarked on weaving together originals for a recording where each was inspired by the other’s creative energy. This release represents a true partnership, where each writer gave birth to exactly half of the material and the voice of each performance leads to voice of the next.